What we do

What We Do

The Disabled Children’s Foundation was established in 1997 to ensure children with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone in the community.

Our mission embraces, inclusion, collaboration and integration that leads to respect and self-esteem.

Disabled Children’s Foundation is the catalyst for a range of synergies with other organisations catering to the welfare of children with a disability.

The Foundation works closely with disability service organisations that provide services relating to social contact, camps, specialised programs, playgrounds, equipment, respite, training and support, employment, and advocacy, for thousands of children in Australia with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities.

The existing and future partnerships the Foundation has with these entities can be an integral tool in helping these organisations thrive.

At Disabled Children’s Foundation we nurture a sense of belonging and inclusion, build community resilience and promote positive health and wellbeing.

The Foundation continuously helps in times of community crisis and improves access to community services and groups.

Whilst the Foundation has received less than 1% government funding, we now thankfully rely on the support of the public.

Disabled Children’s Foundation is an organisation:

Dedicated to Enhancing the Lives of Children with a Disability.