Application for Funding

Application for Funding
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The Disabled Children’s Foundation was formed to promote the health, welfare and interests of Disabled Children around Australia and to ensure children with disabilities and their families have the same opportunities as all people to enjoy the benefits from participation in the community.


To be considered eligible for funding the applicant:

  • Must be a not for profit incorporated organisation.
  • Must actively promote the health welfare and interests of disabled children.
  • Must be based in Australia.

Applications will be considered ineligible if:

  • They are received less than 4 months before the commencement of the program or event.
  • They are submitted from individuals, teams or an organisation that is not incorporated.
  • The organisation has not fulfilled all previous funding requirements.
  • The program or event has already commenced or occurred and seek retrospective funding.
  • The organisation is requesting funding for capital works; infrastructure costs associated with running and organisation; overseas travel and tours or fundraising and religious events.
  • The organisation cannot provide an ABN or ATO’s ‘Statement by Supplier’ form.

Funding Period

Organisations can apply for funding at any time throughout the year, however the funding will be allocated quarterly by the Executive Committee.

Organisations may only apply for funding for a 1 year period and is non-recurrent.

Organisations may apply for funding the following year, however funding is not guaranteed.

Conditions of Funding

In return for funding, organisations must agree to:

  • Allow the Foundation to use the organisation’s name for fundraising.
  • Promote and advertise the Disabled Children’s Foundation during all events associated with the funding.
  • Provide a report to the Foundation at the completion of the program or event.

Reporting and Evaluation

All successful applicants will be required to evaluate their program against objectives and performance indicators at the conclusion of the funding period and provide a report including the evaluation.

How to Apply

  • Check that your organisation and project are eligible for funding.
  • Complete the attached application form (DCFApplicationForm)

This an editable PDF form.

These are electronic forms, therefore, if you wish, you can type directly into the various field boxes and print out (or print out and fill in)

  • Provide a copy of the organisations Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Provide copies of any other documentation that will support the application.

Application Assessment Procedure

Applications received will be checked that they have been completed satisfactorily, meet the guidelines and are accompanied by the appropriate documentation. Further information may be sought from the organisation making the submission.

The application will then be passed onto the Executive Committee, with recommendations by the Executive Director, to be discussed at the next Executive meeting. Meetings are held quarterly.

Applicants will receive a response within 1 week of the Executive Committee meeting.

Please Note: Where support is declined, the Executive Committee does not normally advise the reasons for individual decisions.

Where to Apply

Application form, certificate of incorporation and other supporting documents are to be sent to:

The Secretary
Disabled Children’s Foundation
PO Box 118
Woodvale WA 6026



Fax : (08) 9409 5859